Slide MANGASTREAM DIGITAL SOLUTIONS. INNOVATION / to provide tailor-made technology and innovation solutions to achieve your unique company digital objectives WHY US MANGASTREAM STRIVES TO HELP OUR CLIENTS TO TRANSFORM AND DIGITALIZE WITH VALUE-ADDED DIGITAL SOLUTIONS TAILOR-MADE TO THEIR UNIQUE REQUIREMENTS. INTRODUCTION/ DIGITAL SOLUTIONS MANGASTREAM At Managstream, we specialise in delivering custom application development solutions that can automate your business processes and provide a superior ROI to your technology investments. Evolving business challenges require technology solutions that are adaptive and scalable as your business grows. Experienced knowledge on CRM & software deployment PRINCIPAL ON CRM & SOFTWARE SOLUTION DYNAMIC WORKFORCE Strong in automation business workflow CUSTOMER CENTRIC SOLUTION Modular solution to suite customers’ needs in future roadmap VAST EXPERIENCE DEPLOYMENTS System deployments in various industries: VISION / SOLUTION FOCUS / AS AN END-TO-END SOLUTION PROVIDERS, WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR FOLLOWING NEEDS: New Layer Deploy complex technology solutions Product owner and principal of CRM solution suite Local workforce in development, R&D and support structure Streamlining business processes Future needs with CRM modules End to end solution offerings Solution is highly customisable to meet customers’ requirements
Provides APIs to integrate to third party software
- Financial institutions
- Insurance arena
- Outsource call centers
- IT background companies
- Servicing industries
Deployment sites within SEA markets
Solution deployments with on premise and cloud options
Deploy complex technology solutions CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Create applications tailor-made for your business requirement. From digitizing spread sheets to building complex application using latest technologies, our customized services empowers applications to evolve and reinvent processes - enabling you to deliver reliable, stable and faster results. CMS & PORTAL DEVELOPMENT We develop web and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions for businesses to capture, store, distribute and archive content across platforms and mediums. Our portal development solutions include ecommerce portals, informational portals and intranet/extranet portals. MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT With capabilities across platforms, our mobile app development services can availed to build both customer and enterprise apps. Our mobile solutions include sales force enabling apps, product configurators and mobile-based Learning Management Systems. DIGITAL SERVICE Aligning to a digital-fist strategy empowers your application to scale beyond market variables and bring consistent results. Our digital services combine process, experience and technology to deliver web applications that are uniquely positioned to succeed in the digital ecosystem. SERVICES/

CRM Call Centre Management is the state-of-art solution which assists corporations within servicing industry to monitor, keep track as well as a reminder to assist organization to compete in competitive environment by differentiating your organization. This is a customer service solution to handle and assist customer interfacing with the corporations in service industry. The system is able to handle incoming channels such as voice, email, digital fax, sms, social media and etc. The system coupled with SLA to ensure all tickets are resolved within a defined period of time together with escalation and notification to relevant stakeholders within the organization.

CRM Helpdesk Management is engineered with the concept of assisting most of the Information Technology organizations to handle their daily IT related operations issues. This allows the managerial as well as the employees within the organization to keep track and monitor the status of the issues related to IT. The system provides the web self care to allow end users to create ticket via the portal and this will be escalated to internal. The system also provides the capabilities to perform work order via the system in order to allow technical engineers to pick up the cases and complete it accordingly based on defined SLA

CRM Outbound Management is a comprehensive and solid platform caters for the needs of the servicing industry to monitor, track as well as records all the outbound call management either for telesales or survey. This solution provides total and comprehensive tracking on each transaction for the outbound activities. The system provides tele script to allow agents to manage their calls in more effective manner. The system also provides Quality Monitoring for operation team to QM all the sales. The system also allow operation team to assign fresh list to agents based on their skill sets via the system and the system will keep track on their performance within the system

CRM Campaign Management is a English Query data manipulation where this system caters for planning, tracking as well as closure of each campaign together with the Return of Investment, ROI mechanism embedded in it. The system allows users to manage their budget per campaign execution. From here, the system will be able to send email / sms / whatsapp message to dedicated and targeted audiences from the system. The solution also be able to keep track on campaign execution together with costing vs budget allocation per campaign.

CRM Asset Management is a comprehensive solution where its goal is to assist organization especially on the back office personnel to keep track and also trace on all the asset which are available in the organization. This allows the management to be tip-toe on the asset the organization possesses. The system will be able to know the maintenance such as preventive or corrective maintenance for each assets. The system will project the asset life cycle of the asset as well. Each asset will have its individual identity of the asset via the system.

CRM Inventory Management is tailored to cater the needs of organization to know the inventory details of the current stocks in the store room. A single click from the system allows the management to know the current situation of the inventory in the organization which allows the management to make decision easier and faster without any hassle. The solution provides asset movement of the inventory list and from here the system provides approval process in which the assets have been moved accordingly based on requests

CRM Sales Force Automation is the state-of-art solution with ultimate goal to assist organization to improve sales and profitability within an organization. This solution has been planned and designed to ensure all the leads in the sales pipeline are being traced properly. All the leads and opportunities are being tracked accordingly via the system. The system also sales personnel to manage their respective KPI with notification within the system. The solution also allow users to generate quotation from the system based on what is required from the input parameters within the system. The management team will be able to view the overall sales pipeline within sales department.

CRM Loyalty Program Management system is designed to manage and reward your customers effectively in a systematic manner. The solution is able to overview the customer prioritization and also the spending power of each customer. From here, the solution is able to identify customer priority and also reward customer spending accordingly based on the loyalty campaign executed by the organization

CRM Survey Management comprises a tool used to manage the survey for corporates. It allows the users to segment out potential customers to execute the survey activities. This module allows user to manage the questionnaire for agents to perform the survey activities. The solution is able to allow users to manage their questionnaires responses based on the input parameters being provided. The system also capable to deliver the survey via email / sms or web link to customers. Survey designer is able to create business logic for each questionnaire correspondence. The system will be able to consolidate the survey results in both tabular and graphical reports.

CRM Debt Collection Management system is a systematic approach of handling debt within an organization. It is an proactive solution where it will automatically notify customers when their installment is approaching. Apart from that, it will categorize customer aging accordingly and distribute to debt collection agents accordingly so the agents could remind loan defaulters. The system allow agents to manage all activities within the system in order to ensure all the debts are being collected promptly with automated responses from the system.

CRM Incident and Problem Management is the state-of-art solution which assists corporations within servicing industry to monitor, keep track as well as a reminder to assist organization to compete in competitive environment by differentiating your organization. This is a IT solution to handle and assist both internal and external customers interfacing with the corporations in service industry.

CRM Change Management is the managed tool used to launch change requests in which the change requests will go through a series of approval level with email or sms notifications being sent out prior before the change takes place.

CRM Configuration Management is a web based solution which stores all the configuration requests being performed to the system. From here, the system will be able to populate all the information related to the configuration based on the products itself. Indirectly, the system will be able to perform categorization and grouping of the configuration accordingly

CRM Capacity and Availability Management goal is to identify the right amount of resources required to meet service demands now and in the future and also reviews business process availability requirements and ensures the most cost effective contingency plans are put in place and tested on a regular basis to ensure business needs are met. It is a proactive discipline with far-reaching impact, supporting IT and business alignment, helping to show the cost and business need for infrastructure upgrades

CRM Release Management is a procedural module where it will help the operation team to manage, track and also monitor all the releases are in accordance with the company policy. This module will assist operation team to have better insight information pertaining on a new release into the organization


Procurement Management is the module where it keeps track, manage and monitor all the procurement related matters within the organization. This is the feature where it will store all the information pertaining about the potential procurement related matters in the system.

CRM Supplier Management is a comprehensive module where it handles suppliers profile and also other related information. This feature will allow users to manage and monitor suppliers’ information within the organization. It will be able to manage the supplier categorization as well as the list of supplied products available. The system will be able to mark the statuesque of the supplier either be in active, dormant and also blacklist.

Business Relationship Management is the module where users will be able to extend the survey form to their intended recipients. From here, the system will be able to manage all the survey based on the campaigns or selective projects.

CRM Fleet Management offer the best solution to managing your fleet today. It is a comprehensive solution which gives the bird eye’s view on the operational information related to the fleets within an organization. The reason so many fleets use CRM Online Booking and Fleet Management Software is that it works the way your fleet operates. The solution is designed by professionals, for the Fleet Industry

CRM Internet Insurance Management is a online system where it allows customers to purchase insurance online based on the desired product. The system will allow customers to go through the underwriting questions online to determine the eligibility of the customers prior the purchase of the insurance. The system comes with automation of business processes where system will send email alerts of all the business scenarios that being configured in the system. The solution comes with the online payment hence it allows customers to buy directly.

Project Management is the tool used to measure and manage various project deployments within organization. The system will allow users to keep track on the initiation start date and also each delivery milestone within the system. The solution also allow users to tag the resources tie to each project. From here, the project management team will be able to know the resources utilization together with monetary aspect for each resource allocation per project. The system will be able to export the timeline in MS Project as well for operation team.

Human Capital Management is a comprehensive HRMS software in which it does keep track on each employee welfare within the organization. It comes from the onboarding process of new employee till the resignation of the particular employee. The system comes with payslip generation as well as other financial calculation including claims, loan being provided to selective employee and many more. The system provides exit interview together with warning letter issue to employee whenever required. The system provides hierarchical reporting and also staff directory for internal usage. All internal correspondence take place via the portal. The system provides. The system is able to segregate internal departments / sub organization.

Condo Management is the tool used to manage the condo or community via a single platform. The system allows the management team to know the occupancy of current location together with the details of the tenants / owners. From here, the system will be able to notify users whenever there is any announcements via the platform. Besides that, the system provides the capabilities to allow users to receive their monthly maintenance charges via the platform and users can make payment either via payment gateway or by manually payment process. The platform also allow users to book facilities via the system whenever required. All the visitation from external party to premises will be recorded within the system for each household unit. The system also provides the capabilities to allow users to search household assistance via the platform such as cleaner, plumber and etc. Users will be able to lodge complaint whenever required via the platform.

Building Management is the tool to manage the overall operation of the building in which the system will be able to keep track on the expenditure such as electricity, water and other overhead expenditure within the premise. From here, the system will be able to allow operation team to manage complaints by assets within the building and the system will deploy engineers to manage that. The solution also allow users to schedule preventive maintenances on all assets within the building from the system. The system also allow customers to perform rating and also lodge complaints whenever required via the platform. There is dashboard view for management team whenever required.

School Management is a comprehensive solution to manage students via the platform. This will also allow accessibilities by parents of the students to manage their kids overall activities and performance within the school. There will be academic calendar with all the time tables allocated for each class. From here, the parents will be able to monitor their activities and also track their assignments and also academic result. The teachers will be able to upload all study materials into the portal for students to manage and upload their work. The solution also provides visitor registration with the system for security purposes. The solution also captures students attendance as well as absentee for record purposes. There is also library function to allow students to record down the borrowings. There is also comprehensive accounting features within the system to keep track of simple accounting book.

Chatbot Management is a bot driven software to allow machine to correspond to end customers based on defined knowledgebase within the system. The solution provides both menu driven and AI technology incorporation in order to allow customers to communicate with the bot easily. This will assist automated responses and also to manage customers’ queries easily via the system. The system is able to manage various language selection. In the event, Chatbot knowledgebase has been exhausted, live chat will take over with live agent to interact with the customers. Live chat functions allow live agents to have template responses for faster responses to customers. The live chat provides the capabilities to allow agents to send attachments and also to remotely control customer’s desktop with approval granted. From here, live agent can assist customers via the customers’ presence.

Social Media management is the software tool used to manage interactions from various social media channel such as facebook, twitter and etc. From here, the platform will populate all the interactions from social media and populate into the platform. Agents will be able to create ticket if there is any need otherwise agents will be able to response back to the post via the platform. All interactions are saved within the system for reporting purposes.

Food Delivery application is the tool to manage the current needs in food delivery environment. The system provides admin panel for administrator to manage the setting of stalls and food pricing matrix within the system. From here, administrator will be able to manage opening schedule for each stall together with the delivery charges. The application is also allow customers to order food based on closest proximity with the current customer’s locations. Customer will be able to make payment via ewallet credits or payment gateway within the system. Customers will be able to track delivery status via the platform as well. Riders on the other hand will be able to capture incoming requests and acknowledge on the delivery. Riders will be able to upload their identities and also track their daily income based on the rides which they have made. They also can perform withdrawal requests from the application as well.

Wall Board Management is a comprehensive GUI for displaying all the relevant KPIs within a call centre environment. It is a graphical representation of all the information happening within call centre instantly. The flexibilities of the system allow users to toggle the screens to view desired KPIs instantly without any hassles

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Malaysia is the main headquarters.
The company has grown within South East Asia with the following countries:

  • Thailand
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  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

M4STUDENT CARD PROJECT M4STUDENT CARD PROJECT OUTLOOK / In conjunction with the digitalization initiative of the country, this integrated cashless system includes student welfare module, security features, data analytics possibilities, specially tailored for the education institution. STUDENT M4STUDENT CARD PROJECT / M4STUDENT CARD PROJECT In conjunction with the digitalization initiative of the country, this integrated cashless system includes student welfare module, security features, data analytics possibilities, specially tailored for the education institution. M4STUDENT PROJECT MCASH CARD PROJECT M4STUDENT CARD PROJECT